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Dörte Meichsner I am interested in working with silhouettes and shapes which occur when reducing details. Since 2002 I have taken up the same theme again and again. The early paintings show scenes of people within interiors, they are almost faceless and in conversation with each other. By working with backlighting, silhouettes are created and details are blurred out and all fragments merge to become one big piece. There are no boundaries between people and their surroundings. Light, colour and movement are basic elements of these works and by painting with expressive brush strokes and vibrant colours everything appears to be in motion. Sometimes I work with monoprint, for me it is another way to paint and I find it surprising what comes out. The process of working in many layers makes these works substantial and gives them a personal handwriting.

Nature sceneries

Dörte Meichsner Acrylics on paper/ 33 x 16 cm, 2020 The constant change of landscape is reflected in seasons, temperatures and times of the day and I find it inspiring to observe how the mood keeps changing and everything around evolves.

The Καφενείο series

Dörte Meichsner The Greek Καφενείο (Kafenion) is the place to go to strike up conversations with the locals as well as with other expats or travelers. It’s not only a place to go for a coffee, a drink or some good food, it’s a place to experience the Greek way of living and culture. Some people are coming there daily at the same time, sitting together at the same place, while having a good time in familiar company. It’s quite reliable. Young people come with their children, travelers stop for a break. It is a very socializing and lively place with a unique atmosphere – changing but very constant at the same time. The series is created in a variation of small format depictions on paper (11 x 17 cm) which are based on a hand made print and further painted and refined with acrylics.